Download UC Browser v10.10.5.809

UC BrowserDeveloped by the Chinese company, UCweb, UC browser is a free web browsing application for the android users with lots of features. UC browser guarantees fast downloading of data, accessing to information like news, music, sports without much buffering. Users prefer UC browser due to its high speed connectivity and certain other
features which are stated below.

Features of UC Browser

● The small window mode allows the user to move the window from the webpage and view it even on the home screen. This allows the users to continue with other chores without being interfered by the tab.
● The fast downloading feature has been the reason why UC browser is among the favorites of the users. In case of any disconnection of the internet, the downloading process instead of terminating, it pauses. When the speed of the
net becomes stable again, the browser starts downloading from the pause point.
UC browser does not use much of the data. It rather compresses or uses minimal data to connect to the information that the user requires.
● You can even block ad from the application. It has the feature which allows the user to make the application ad-free.
● The night mode feature helps the users to read in a more comfortable light during the night. It adjusts the device’s brightness mode by this feature.

How to download UC Browser

You can download this application from the link provided below. It is a free application for the android devices and is
not available for the iOS devices.

Download UC Browser