Download UC browser v10.10.8.820

UC BrowserUC browser is a simple web browser that gives you many web experience such as browsing, Gaming, Downloading, being socially active, Buying and many more. It is an alternative to many web browsers, it is a competing browser yet we cannot compare it with google or Firefox. Though it does its job pretty well. You can browse anything as you do on other web browsers. It have some nice features like voice command, flipping tap, gesture control and many more. We all have habit of tapping our phones in the middle of night but the light of the screen is very irritating sometime and leads to eye pain and straining also, UC browser has bring a night mode so you don’t have to worry about your eyes anymore, its a very good mode for night as its warm soft light don’t strain our eyes anymore.

The incognito tab is also very helpful as we can search anything on the internet without leaving any trail. With some decent and exciting feature, it is a good app and you can also go for its mini version if you feel the file heavy.

Release notes of UC browser v10.10.8.820:


  • Smart video player filter
  • Identify real video play link in an instant
  • UC news problem fixed in India.
  • Customized theme colour


How to download UC browser v10.10.8.820:


  • To download tap on the button.
  • Process will start, after it is finished click on the downloaded file.
  • The installation will start.
  • Click next and agree to all terms and condition and complete the process.


Once the process is finished, you can use UC browser.

Download UC Browser