Download UC Browser v9.6.0

UC BrowserUC Browser is one of the most recommended free web browser with various facilities such as Ad block functionality, fast download, data saving video and audio access and many more. The browser is designed for the android devices exclusively. Apart from these extremely helping features, it also offers cricket information all time. Be it watching it live or checking out the scores, the browser does it all. The browser has many other features which makes it better than its competitors. One similar feature on UC Browser is its incognito mode which basically started by chrome and now followed by UC Browser. With the help of this feature, you can simply surf the sites and the history will never be saved. Apart from this, the browser has much more which makes it interesting and easy to use. Let’s read more about it.

Features of UC Browser V9.6.0

  • UC Browser has the small window mode which is convenient.
  • You can have the cricket updates 24*7 without taking any subscription.
  • If you use UC Browser, you will probably save a lot more data as compared to what you generally save.
  • It works good in 2g speed as well.
  • It has an Ad Blocking feature.
  • You can enable the night mode while using it in a dark so that it will not affect your eyes much.

Release Notes of UC browser v9.6.0

  • It has background downloading through which your downloading will be ongoing even if you exist the browser.
  • You can read quickly and even in offline mode.
  • It removes/adds various add ones so that you will get a personalized browsing time.
  • You can save time by pre loading the next page with intelligent analysis.

Download UC Browser