How to delete browsing history in UC Browser?

UC Browser has been always providing special features to its users that makes it stands out of the rest. It has been constantly delivering new features to users that users like very much and are helpful to them very much. Due to this, many people are moving towards UC Browser as it provides more features than their standard browser.

Delete-History-UCIf you are a user of UC Browser, you might be thinking of how to delete the history of the sites you have visited.

This process is different from the earlier versions of the popular Android web browser, so it might be confusing if you have just upgraded from the previous release. Actually, it’s very easy to remove your history in UC Browser.

How to delete browsing history in UC Browser?

  1. First of all, you have to open the UC Browser.
  2. Then, you have to click on the  button.
  3. Click on the Settings gear icon in the UC Browser toolbar.
  4. Scroll down to the “Clear Records” and press it.
  5. You will be given the option to remove Cookies, Form, History, and Cache.
  6. You have to make sure “History” is checked and hit the Clear button. After a few seconds, your history will be removed from the UC Browser.

These are all the steps you need for deleting your history, saving your space and protecting your privacy.