How to resume downloads in UC Browser? (Android)

UC Browser is one of the coolest web browser out there that is available on Android, iOS, and PC. This makes it a good choice for browsing. The reason why many people like and prefer UC Browser is the fact that is many features that you won’t find in other browsers.

UC browser is one of the topmost browsers and it is being used by millions of people all around the world but it has some things that aren’t that much impressive and one of such thing is that when downloading is stopped then it rarely resumes again and it shows a message Retrying (1), retrying (2), retrying (3).


This can be a really annoying thing that you have to face while using UC browser, but there is a method to solve this issue.

How to resume downloads in UC Browser?

To resume your downloads in UC Browser, follow these steps.

  1. Launch the UC Browser.
  2. Head over to Downloads.
  3. Now, select the file that won’t resume, tap and hold on that file.
  4. Copy the Download Link of that file.
  5. Open the link you copied in a new tab.
  6. It is going to ask you to download the file again. Download it again and rename the file to any other name.
  7. Once you are done with downloading 400KB of that file, pause it and close the UC browser.
  8. Now, open File Manager and go to the UC Downloads folder.
  9. Copy the previously downloaded file which would be in .dltemp extension to a different folder.
  10. Copy the name of the newly downloaded file that you had just paused and then delete this file from the folder.
  11. Rename the previously downloaded file with the name of the file that you had just deleted.
  12. Move the file into its original location.
  13. Once you are done with all these steps. Open UC browser again and Resume the download. Your download will again start from where it had stopped.