UC Mini: Download UC Mini APK App Fast Install for Android

UC Mini

Download UC Mini .APK

UC Mini or UC Browser Mini is a web browser app developed by UCWeb Inc., a mobile internet company that is owned by Alibaba Group. UC Browser Mini is a version of UC Browser meant for lower end devices. It is listed among the most popular web browsers in the world. It is free to download and is available for Android devices.

UC Mini has recently achieved 100 million active daily users and due to its localization policy, it has crossed its borders with spectacular growth. It is now competing directly with popular browsers like Opera Mini. It is available in languages that include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi and Vietnamese.

Features of UC Mini

Some of the features of UC Mini are listed below:

  • UC Browser Mini app comes in a very small size, which is helpful in devices which do not have enough storage.
  • It provides its users with different navigation cards on which local content and the services like cricket, videos, etc. are offered.
  • The browsing speed is very fast and is not affected by its small size.
  • The app allows smooth downloading within the browser which can download various files at the same time. It also has cloud downloading option that is helpful to pause and resume the download as per convenience.
  • The users can enable the night mode. This mode is made to reduce the stress on user’s eyes ans giving them comfort browsing in the night as well.
  • Some gesture commands are also available to control videos, brightness and volume etc.

How to Download UC Mini in Android?

Download UC Mini .APK

Here’s how to download and install UC Browser Mini on Android –

  1. Download the APK file and click “Open”.
  2. When prompted click “Settings” -> “Turn on Unknown Sources” -> “Go back” to installation.
  3. Click “Install” and wait for it to complete -> click “Done”.
  4. The browser will be ready for use on your home-screen.
UC Mini: Download UC Mini APK App Fast Install for Android
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